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Dave and Giggles RFB 081516 Episode #1008

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It airs live every Sunday night at 11p - 12, and replays every Wednesday at 2pm - 3
chaotically fun show where it was just too damn hot. we talk family and friends and even have on Giggle's niece who we put in charge of marketing for the show. 

Dave and Giggles RFB 071816 EPISODE #1007

Dave and Giggles are now on

It airs live every Sunday night at 11p - 12, and replays every Wednesday at 2pm - 3

Today's show was a return to form. Giggles, Dylan, Laura were all in studio and we talked about what's happening in the world, and Dave goes over his recent trip to Florida where he visited his grandmother and family.

Dave and Giggles RFB 071116 EPISODE #1006

Dave and Giggles are now on

we air live shows every Sunday at 11pm-12, and the replay is every Wednesday at 2pm-3.

On this episode we made friends on the sidewalks of Bushwick and brought a stranger on the show. Fascinating guy who spent a few years living in China and we got to hear about a white man from Ohio trying to make a living and getting by in a very far away land.


Dave and Giggles RFB 070416 EPISODE #1005

Dave and Giggles are now on

tune in every Sunday Night at 11pm to hear us live, and every wednesday at 2pm to hear the replay.

This show offers an old school feel with Dave and Giggles doing a solo host show. 
We do bring in "Deb" the Sex therapist and talk about what it's like to help out others. Doing god's work really.

We have some old school technical snafu's, but we handle it with some good humor and misplaced anger.

Pete Pidgeon on The Dave and Giggles Radio Hour

  Pete Pigdeon spent an hour with Dave and Giggles and talked with us about writing and playing music plus upcoming shows for Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda.
    He plays three original songs, Growing Pains, You're My Girl, and On the Road. He ends the show with "Girl from the North Country" by Bob Dylan.

  Also check out a video link of Growing Pains from the show here:


D&G 120114 Kat Brooks

dave and giggles have on director Kat Brooks.

she talks about her new movie and the struggles of making movies and the agony of the little monsters that are Lady Gaga Fans.
we also do half a solo show where we talk about whats going on with cop killings and more.

D&G 11/11/14 Veterans Day

D&G are back!!!!

we pulled off one of our first eshows from new york to colorado!
today we bring you Dan Collins and Josh Hisle who are working on a documentary "From War to Wisdom". 
you can find it here
they are also doing a indogogo campaign so go check them out and donate if you can.
we got some good film talk, vet talk, and some songs from the duo who are amazing musicians as well.
good show.

Dave and Giggles: 908 02/04/14 Michael Cro

Michael Cro Joins D&G in studio. 

discusses things foreign to us.
what could be foreign to D&G..... Yes rap and hip hop.
Michael Cro is a very accomplished Hip Hop artist who recently got his song played on a Knicks basketball playoff hype video. we talk about all things in the culture. 
fascinating stuff! 
you might even get a treat at the end.... will Giggles Rap?


Dave and Giggles: 907 01/28/14 Lynette Williams

Lynette, organizer and founder of "this is not radio", a collective of musicians stopped in the studio to talk about whats going on with the group and played some beautiful songs for us.

She also brought her super talented friend Akie in who played some killer piano.
great show.
give it a listen

Dave and Giggles: 906 01/13/14 Amy Vachal

Amy Vachal and her band join us in studio.

great songs and we talk a bit about the indie music scene, living at a ranch in texas with nothing but bison for miles! As well as how she read the bible, in full, over a year span.

good show, great music.