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D&G w/ Joel Selvin

D&G have on Music Journalist Joel Selvin.

his books and work run deep from the grateful dead to his current Book "Hollywood Eden" where he follows the lives of many influential musicians of early days of rock and roll on the west coast.


it was a great interview and Joel's knowledge of the world of music is unparalleled.

come and enjoy the journey of some of the greatest music every recorded.

My Life In Stereo: Episode 03

In this Episode we take a trip back to around 2013 when I played one of my greatest pranks.

we also take a look at pranks in general.

a fun episode that's a little different than the rest, and explores a yearly tradition.

D& with Pete PIdgeon

D&G have Pete Pidgeon, a wonderful friend of the show back on to discuss his online showcase at the Mockingbird foundation.

alot discusses, and some music played!

D&G With Ricky Byrd

Dave & Giggles Interview Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Ricky Byrd of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

we tackle Sobriety, sex, drugs, and rock and roll and the absence of all.

celebrate his new album "sobering times" and talk about life in the pandemic.

D&G with Mark Bryan

Mark Bryan, singer songerwriter and one member of the famed Hootie and the Blowfish joins us to talk about everything he's up to, his new album, and how they got the name Hootie and the Blowfish!


it's a great show and Mark even plays a few songs for us! its a great time!


D&G with Jordan Jonas

Another contestant from "alone" of netflix and history channel.

Jordan is the real deal and even killed a wolverine for survival. we talk about his youth and how he spent a year plus in the Siberian wilderness cattling reindeer. 


D&G with Woniya from “Alone”

We talk to Woniya Thibeault who was a contestant on "Alone" on Netflix and The history channel.

a deep chat about life and the trials and tribulations of a life changing experience.

D&G With Ryan Vanderhoof

Once the lead singer and guitarist from Akron/Family and now a solo artist, teacher, father and so much more.


a great interview where we delve into the past and how the band came to be and a look at how he came to be where he is

D&G w/ Jeff Lewis and Jennt Buccos

we chat with musician Jeff lewis and tv producer Jenny Buccos.

we learn how they settle into quarantine and how they are surviving. 

MLIS Thailand

Another Podcast. I know, but i would like to think of this as an audio journey.

My name is dave, I created a new podcast called "My Life In Stereo"

this is my first episode i hope you will check it out and let me know what you think. send me an email at

this show facilitates a desire of travel in a much desperate time to do so. I spent the Pandeimic combing through different recordings i have done in all the different areas i have travelled to. Put those sounds together with some basic understanding of where i was, what i was thinking, and a vague sense of adventure.

I love to travel, and my goal is for you to be a traveller with me on this journey.

you'll hear what i hear, and understand what I'm thinking. Thats the goal at least.

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